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The Bird is a laid back bar & restaurant with a staff of humans who really and truly give a damn about you having a good time. If something with your food, drink or service is not just right, let us know and we'll do everything we can to make it so. Our regulars know this, so if you're new here give us a chance.
But if you're a fun-sucker: uptight, unhappy or demanding, maybe try somewhere else that's a little more geared to your sort. It took years, but we seem to have finally weeded out most of these fun-sucking folks; you know, those that can't even have a good time on vacation? In their place we have managed to attract a crowd of solid, loyal patrons.

While you are here just cut loose, get raucous, tell that joke you're not sure is appropriate, stay late and have that one drink too many and we'll even call you a Taxi home.

Do it, especially if you are only passing through, because you happen to be sitting in the one place in Berlin where just about anything goes.



How to order our meat.



We grind our meat fresh everyday in house. Wonderful german brisket cuts get formed into patties, they rest for a while and then hit the grill. That said- if you order a steak medium, then why the hell would order our burger well-done? Understand that color means flavor, which translates into the best damn burger you've ever had! 
Please order medium-rare and or medium if you know what this means. The center of every piece of meat will be less done than the edges... this is physics and beyond our control. If you think your meat is too rare (you don't have to), please close your eyes and take a bite before you send it back, we bet you it's delicious.
If you ARE squeamish about your meat, this is a MUST READ. Our 250 gram burgers are big. They come off the grill and are still cooking. They are meant for the center to be ready by the time you get to it. If you take a *@cking knife and immediately go hacking it in half, it WILL be underdone. Please have some fries and wait a minute or two before cutting into it.
Food is cooked to order and served immediately. So refuse all manners and dig in once you get your plate. If you wait, your food will get cold. Food will arrive within a reasonable time frame but not all at once. So if you're a larger party be patient, we are working as quickly as possible.